What is Litigation Support?

The essential goal of litigation support is to organize, analyze, and present case materials through computer systems. In federal criminal defense cases, there are three primary ways that litigation support is used by Federal Defender Office (FDO) staff and Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel attorneys. One is in conducting electronic courtroom presentations. Another is management and analysis of paper documents and their electronic equivalents. The third is the identification, collection, preservation, processing, review, analysis and production of electronically stored information (ESI).

Litigation support is the marriage of project management and technology. We believe that while every district is different and every case is unique, there are certain standards to follow in order to ensure that the data involved in a case is handled in a cost effective and time efficient manner allowing for good organization, easy retrieval and effective client representation.

Both federal defender offices and CJA panel attorneys are often faced with the challenge of limited resources and staffing. Litigation support technology can help to make up that deficit by allowing data to be intelligently collected, processed, organized, reviewed, analyzed and presented.

While there may not be a single piece of technology to address all the challenges you face, the National Litigation Support Team can help you to navigate through the process of evaluating your choices and in deciding what solutions best meet the needs of your case.