Defender Services Office
Training Division

Administrative Office of the United States Courts
One Columbus Circle, N.E., Suite 4-200
Washington, DC 20544
800-788-9908 (toll free hotline)
202-502-2900 (voice)
202-502-2911 (fax)


Staff Directory:
Frank Draper Acting Chief 502-3418
Kalei Achiu National Litigation Support Paralegal 510-250-6310
Lauren Billups Meeting Manager 502-2521
Sean Broderick National Litigation Support Administrator 510-637-1950
Heidi Capati Meeting Coordinator 502-4603
George Couture Attorney-Advisor 502-1396
Craig Crawford Attorney-Advisor 502-1338
Kyana Givens Visiting Attorney-Advisor 502-2900
Karen Holsendorff Meeting Manager 502-2905
Rakita Johnson Meeting Coordinator 502-3698
Lisa Lunt Attorney-Advisor 202-502-2525
Joan Politeo Attorney-Advisor 502-2443
Alexander Roberts National Litigation Support Paralegal 510-637-1955
Kelly Scribner Assistant National Litigation Support Administrator 510-637-1952
Chastain Smith Meeting Manager 502-2367
Lisa Watson Program Analyst 502-1382
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