Request Access to Private Resources

Access to the secured sections of is generally limited to employees of federal defender offices and private CJA practitioners.

If you are an employee of a federal defender office, you should have received an email explaining how to log into the site.  If you did not receive the email please send an email to

If you are NOT an employee of a federal defender office, you must complete this online application. We will review your application within 72 hours, though this time frame may increase if we have a large volume of requests.  If your application is approved you will receive an automated email containing your user ID as well as instructions on how to create a password.  We will notify you by email if your application is denied.

If you have an immediate, case-related need for access to a document on the site and you have not yet received log in credentials, please call the Training Division Hotline at 1-800-788-9908.  If you have any other questions or encounter any problems requesting access, please send an email to: