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Supreme Court Rejects Double Jeopardy Challenge and Rejects Sufficiency of Evidence Claim

On May 29 the Supreme Court issued a per curiam opinion in Coleman v. Johnson (No. 11-1053), and on May 24 the Court handed down a decision rejecting a Double Jeoparday claim after retrial in Blueford v. Arkansas (No. 10-1320).  In Johnson, the Court held that, taking into account the deference due to the state court's decision under AEDPA, the evidence at Johnson's trial was sufficient to convict him as an accomplice and co-conspirator to murder.  In Blueford, the Court held that the Double Jeopardy Clause does not bar retrial when the jury did not formally acquit the defendant and the trial court simply adhered to state law in declining to accept a partial verdict of acquittal and declaring a mistrial.  For an analysis of Blueford see this SCOTUSblog post.

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