• The Bail Reform Act: Getting and keeping them out!
    by Francisco "Frank" Morales, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Texas (Del Rio)

  • Video: The Bail Reform Act
    by Francisco "Frank" Morales, Assistant Federal Public Defender, S.D TX

  • Pretrial Release and Detention - Introductory Outline
    by Geoffrey A. Hansen, Chief Assistant Federal Public Defender, N.D. CA

  • Judicial Officer's Reference on Alternatives to Detention and Conditions of Release
    Monograph 110, Office of Probation and Pretrial Services (April 2009)
    (providing judicial officers with an updated list and description of current alternatives to detention and conditions of release)

  • Supervision of Federal Defendants (Monograph 111)
    Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol. 8: Probation and Pretrial Services, Pt. C: Supervision of Federal Defendants (Monograph 111). The purpose of Monograph 111 is to provide United States pretrial services officers with guidance in supervising defendants released by the courts to the community pending trial.

  • Adam Walsh Act: Implementation, Implications, and Challenges - Understanding How the Adam Walsh Act Changes Pretrial Release
    by Marcus J. Berghahn, Hurley, Burish & Stanton, S.C., Madison, WI

  • A Practice "Kit" for Obtaining Pretrial Release of Non-Citizen Clients
    Federal Defenders of Eastern Washington and Idaho Blog (April 14, 2010)

  • Challenging the Barriers to Bail for Noncitizens
    by Ingrid V. Eagly, UCLA School of Law
    (providing arguments for obtaining bail despite the defendant's alleged unlawful presence in the U.S.)
    * NOTE: This document is not posted on; however, it is available upon request to any criminal defense attorney. Please contact Nana Asah-Kwashie to request a copy

  • Defender Letter to the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure Regarding Proposed Amendments to Fed. R. Crim. Pro. 5, 12.3, 21 and 32.1 (January 9, 2009)
    (commenting on a proposed amendment to Rule 32.1(a)(6), which addresses release or detention decisions pending further proceedings concerning revocation or modification of probation or supervised release)